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Qualified. Insured. Experienced.

Vantage Tree Services offers a Turn-Key tree service.



Tree Removal

Anyone with a chainsaw can cut a tree down. It takes a professional to do it safely and without damage

Stump Grinding

Complete the service with our stump grinding. 

Arborist Reports

In depth reports on the health of your trees. If you're looking to get a permit, you may need one of these. 

Property Clear

Clear your house and fenceline of over extended and intruding bracnhes from your own and/or neighbours trees.


Tree Pruning - Service Wire Clear

Received a letter from your power company requesting you clear your service wire? Get in touch with us.

Tree Pruning -

Risk Reduction

A common service often done poorly. Putting you and others at even greater risk than before the works. 

Tree Pruning - Formative/Shaping

Does the aesthetic appeal of your tree mean a lot to you? Do you have young trees you want to ensure grow correctly? 

Tree Pruning - Remedial Pruning

Do you have branches only just hanging on? Does deadwood riddle your tree? Is your tree in need of a general tidy?

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