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Eucalyptus Tree

Tree Removal

We understand that your outdoor space is more than just land – it's part of your home.

We bring care and expertise to the removal process, ensuring your property remains safe and beautiful.

From small to large trees, trust Vantage Tree Services

- because your home deserves the very best.

Tree Trunk

What should I expect? 

When getting a tree removed, you can expect a process that involves several key steps:

  1. Assessment:

    • A professional arborist will assess the tree's health, size, location, and any potential risks. They will determine the best approach for removal.

  2. Quotation:

    • You will receive a detailed quote outlining the scope of work, services included, and the estimated cost. Ensure you understand the quote and ask any necessary questions.

  3. Scheduling:

    • Once you agree to the quote, the removal will be scheduled. The timing may depend on factors like weather conditions, permits, and the company's availability.

  4. Permits (if required):

    • Some areas may require permits for tree removal. 

  5. Preparation:

    • On the scheduled day, the removal team will arrive with equipment. They may take precautions to protect nearby structures and landscaping.

  6. Tree Removal:

    • The arborists will use specialized equipment to safely remove the tree. This may involve cutting it down in sections or using cranes for larger trees.

  7. Stump Removal (if requested):

    • If you opt for stump removal, the crew will use a stump grinder to eliminate the remaining tree stump.

  8. Debris Cleanup:

    • After the tree is removed, the crew will clean up the debris, including branches, leaves and sawdust.

  9. Final Inspection:

    • A final inspection of the site will be conducted to ensure all debris is cleared, and the property is left in a satisfactory condition. Ideally, this will be done with you present. 

  10. Payment and Documentation:

    • You'll receive an invoice, and after reviewing it, you can make the payment as agreed upon. We will then send out a reciept as proof of payment. 


What are the risks? 

Getting a tree removed involves some obvious and not so obvious risks.

Visible Risks Include:

  1. Electrical Hazards: Trees near power lines pose a risk of electrical shock or outage during removal. A professional arborist should coordinate with utility companies to address this risk.

  2. Equipment Use: Operation of heavy machinery, chainsaws, and other equipment during tree removal can lead to injuries if not handled properly.

  3. Structural Damage: The falling tree or limbs can damage structures, fences, or other elements on the property if not carefully managed.

Hidden Risks Include: 

  1. Inadequate Insurance Coverage:

    • Some tree removal services may lack comprehensive insurance, exposing homeowners to potential liability in case of accidents, injuries, or property damage during the removal process.

  2. Lack of Permits:

    • Failure to secure necessary permits for tree removal can result in legal issues. 

  3. Substandard Equipment:

    • The use of outdated or poorly maintained equipment poses risks during tree removal. Professional services invest in modern, well-maintained machinery to ensure safety and efficiency.

  4. Inadequate Cleanup/After Service care:

    • Some services may not provide thorough cleanup after tree removal, leaving debris or causing damage to the property. A comprehensive service includes proper cleanup to leave the property in good condition.


What does it cost? 

Tree removal is more often than not, our most valued service. 
Here's what you can expect to pay:


  1. Small Tree (Up to 9 meters):

    • Cost Range: AUD 300 - AUD 900

  2. Medium Tree (9 to 18 meters):

    • Cost Range: AUD 900 - AUD 1,800

  3. Large Tree (18 to 24 meters):

    • Cost Range: AUD 1,800 - AUD 3,800

  4. Very Large Tree (Over 24 meters):

    • Cost Range: AUD 3,800 and up

Please note that these are general estimates, and the actual cost can vary based on factors such as tree type, health, location, and additional considerations.

For more info on pricing see our pricing page.

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