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Our Top 10 Trees Of Australia

Take a walk with us as we go through the list of our top 10 tree destinations of Australia.

  1. The Tree of Knowledge, Barcaldine, Queensland: This heritage-listed ghost gum tree holds great historical significance as it was the site of the formation of the Australian Labor Party in 1891. It is a popular tourist attraction and serves as a symbol of Australia's political and labor movement history.

  2. The Gloucester Tree, Pemberton, Western Australia: This towering karri tree stands at a height of 61 meters and has been transformed into a lookout tree with a spiral staircase. Adventurous visitors can climb the tree to enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding forests.

  3. The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, Walpole, Western Australia: This iconic attraction offers visitors a unique opportunity to stroll through the canopy of ancient tingle trees. The suspended walkway reaches heights of up to 40 meters, allowing for an immersive experience amidst these majestic giants.

  4. The Ada Tree, Warburton, Victoria: Located in the Yarra Ranges National Park, the Ada Tree is one of Victoria's largest known mountain ash trees. Visitors can take a scenic hike to witness this impressive tree, estimated to be over 300 years old, and marvel at its grandeur.

  5. The Tree of Knowledge, Laidley, Queensland: This historic tree is a ghost gum that played a significant role in the formation of the Queensland Labor Party in 1891. Visitors can learn about its historical importance and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the surrounding park.

  6. The Hollow Tree, Stanley, Tasmania: Situated in the charming town of Stanley, this ancient myrtle tree is estimated to be over 400 years old. It has a hollow trunk large enough for visitors to step inside and experience its unique ambiance.

  7. The Boab Prison Tree, Derby, Western Australia: This intriguing boab tree, estimated to be over 1,500 years old, has a hollow trunk that was used as a temporary prison cell for Aboriginal prisoners during the colonial era. It serves as a somber reminder of Australia's history and is a popular tourist attraction.

  8. The Curtain Fig Tree, Yungaburra, Queensland: Located in the Atherton Tablelands, this enormous curtain fig tree is a natural wonder. Its sprawling aerial roots create a unique "curtain" effect, making it a fascinating sight for visitors.

  9. The Old Jarrah Tree, Jarrahdale, Western Australia: Estimated to be around 500 years old, this massive jarrah tree stands as a testament to the region's timber industry history. It is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

  10. The Bicentennial Tree, Pemberton, Western Australia: Similar to the Gloucester Tree, this towering karri tree has been transformed into a lookout tree with a platform at its summit. Brave visitors can climb the pegs inserted into its trunk and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding forest.

These ancient trees not only offer breathtaking natural beauty but also provide insights into Australia's rich history and environmental heritage. They serve as reminders of the importance of preserving and appreciating these remarkable living treasures.

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